About Jane Huston

Jane Huston designs “one of a kind” jewellery,  mostly in 18ct Gold and Platinum.  She also designs and makes master models for the jewellery trade.

Also available to mentor, consult & train as required.

Jane is best known in Ireland as the original Trainer who designed, developed and trained the Jewellery Design and Production Skills course started by the Crafts Council of Ireland’s in1993 and ran it for 15 years, until 2008.

“ My training started in Art College in Ireland, eventually specialising in silversmithing and Jewellery.  This led to the Central School in London and their trade apprenticeship courses for the Jewellery and silversmithing fields.  Wonderful training.

Designer Andrew Grima (at that time the most avante-garde design workshop in London) awarded me his company’s prize and offered me a job as a Designer Craftsman – a rare opportunity as women in the trade were usually designers, not a bench worker actually making precious jewellery items.



Moving to Canada to be a Designer Craftsman for Henry Birks and Sons,  Canada’s largest jeweller, I had the opportunity to design and make for many clients with the use of magnificent gemstones and freedom of design.    This also started my interest and training in Gemmology – the study of gemstones.

Eventually opening, in partnership with Ian Bolton, a design and manufacturing company in Victoria, British Columbia.  Selling modern Jewellery across Canada.  Upon Ian’s death, I returned to Ireland and I am still here !!   but visiting Canada frequently.

Now, semi retired, I have my own studio where I enjoy meeting,  by appointment,  designing and making unique pieces for clients in a relaxed atmosphere.

Winner of a DeBeers Diamond International Award (becoming the first Irish person to do so).  DeBeers Engagement Ring Award, RDS award and many other major and corporate commissions”.